VN Anasayfa / Ürünler / Sıvı Halkalı Vakum Pompaları
VN Series – For Large Quantities of Additional Liquid
Single-stage pumps with valves and port cylinder
  • Close-coupled version with B35 close-to-standard motors
  • Bracket version with B5 standard motors
  • Sound pressure level 65 db(A)
dry and humidified gases
delivery of liquid up to 10 m³/h
operational liquid max. 80 °C 
absorbed gas max. 120 °C
3,0 – 8,2 KW, 3~Mot
Material design
Stainless steel
Non-ferrous metal
Suction connection
G 1 1/2
Pressure connection
G 1 1/2
Mechanical seal
Dimensions (WHD)
Further applications
  • Evacuation of central vacuum systems
Plastics industry
  • Vacuum calibration for the manufacturing of plastic profiles
  • Production of polystyrene parts (EPP / EPS)
Chemical industry
  • Distillation / separation of liquids
  • Recovery of condensates (solvents)
  • Up to 5-fold delivery of liquid compared to conventional liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • Stable suction capacity even when liquid is delivered
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Minimum operating costs due to demand-oriented power consumption
  • Patented hydraulic and assembly system
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