VU Anasayfa / Ürünler / Sıvı Halkalı Vakum Pompaları
VU Series - Tried-and-tested Robust Technology for Rough Vacuum
  • Single-stage pumps in base plate version with B3 standard motors
  • Sound pressure level 66 - 76 db(A)
dry and humidified gases
operational liquid max. 100 °C
absorbed gas max. 120 °C
1,1 – 55,0 KW, 1~Mot / 3~Mot
Material design
Stainless steel
Cast iron
Non-ferrous metal
Suction connection
G 1 1/4 – DN 125
Pressure connection
G 1 1/4 – DN 125
Mechanical seal
Dimensions (WHD)
Food industry / Pharmaceutical industry
  • Degasification of toothpaste, cremes, lotions, marzipan etc.
  • Degasification (oxygen deprivation) of meat and sausage products
  • Extraction of condensates for the production of sugar, sugar-based sweets, fruit juice/pulp, jam
  • Vacuum cooking of fruits, vegetables, pulps and mush
  • Thickening and crystallisation of sugar under vacuum
  • Removal of internal organs in the fish and poultry processing industry
Chemical industry
  • Distillation / separation of liquids
  • Operating point > 200 bar
  • Tried-and-tested robust design
  • Developed/designed for continuous operation
  • Requirement-related design due to variation of individual components such as motor, coupling, base plate, etc.
  • Requirement-related design due to the use of diverse materials
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