BADU® Mat T 1 G Sidemount Anasayfa / Ürünler / Geri Yıkama Üniteleri
BADU® Mat T 1 G Sidemount
The valve regulates the flow of water and reverses it according to the chosen settings. Therefore the water flows back through the filter container and starts the backwashing process. These and other functions can be set easily and clearly using the 6-way multiport valve. After backwashing, fresh water must be fed into the system in order to re-establish the original water level. This is best done automatically with the BADU BNR 55 or BADU BNR 300. The 6-way multiport valve can be mounted directly on top of the filter container.
All parts which come into contact with water are made from corrosion-resistant plastic (ABS) or stainless steel.
Water temperature: max. 40 °C 
Interior housing pressure: max. 2.5 bar
Because of optimal flow characteristics there is no flow noise and flow loss is minimal.
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