VI Anasayfa / Ürünler / Sıvı Halkalı Vakum Pompaları
VI Series - The water Saver
  • Single-stage pumps in inverted design with valves and internal water restraining system
  • Sound pressure level 65 – 68 db(A) at 80 mbar
dry and humidified gases
operational liquid max. 80 °C
absorbed gas max. 120 °C
0,12 – 2,2 KW, 1~Mot / 3~Mot
Material design
Stainless steel
Non-ferrous metal
Suction connection
G 1/4 – G 1
Pressure connection
G 1/4 – G 1
Mechanical seal
Dimensions (WHD)
Further applications
  • Evacuation of central vacuum systems
Medical engineering
  • Sterilization of surgical instruments, textiles and beds (steam- and gas sterilization)
Plastics industry
  • Extruder degasification
  • Water saving: at suction pressures < 600 mbar, the water can be completely retained in the pump
  • Low noise due to optimized hydraulics and separation
  • Low calcification risk and easy temperature control possible
  • Easy disassembly due to inverted design and O-ring sealing
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